My current specialty is shooting high definition video with Canon DSLR cameras, the Canon 5D mkII specifically. My lens selection ranges from 16mm to 400mm (all Canon ‘L’ series). I’ve also got a Hero GoPro mini-HD cam that shoots tremendously fun action and underwater shots.

I use Manfrotto and Gitzo supports, a Kessler mini-slider for dolly and tracking shots, CPM Film Tools rails and shoulder rig, Red Rock Micro follow focus and accessories, Letus Hawk viewfinder, SmallHD camera monitors, a Zoom H4n with Rode shotgun mics and Sony wireless lavs for sound collection, a small pile of Toshiba USB 3.0 drives for quick on-location backup, and Kata bags to easily get everything where I’m going. I edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and the Production Suite tools, with various Red Giant software tools for grading and Twixtor for time remapping.

I’ve designed my gear collection to be as portable as possible and it all travels nicely on a plane (but they hate me going through security — apparently the Zoom H4n stereo mics look really strange on the x-ray!).